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Usman Madani is a well-known Islamic figure especially in the English world, due to his scholarly and humanitarian works and acheivements.

Early Life and childhood

He was born in Karachi, Pakistan on the 5th of May 1995. At a very young age the family settled in Malawi, Africa. His childhood and schooling took place in Malawi and he was raised in Malawi since toddlerhood. His full name if Muhammed Usman Ghani, son of Haji Abdul Latif Moosa.

Usman Madani’s spiritual link (Bay’at) is with the great spiritual leader of the time Ameer e Ahle Sunnat Shaykh Maulana Ilyas Attar Qadri. Thus, he is an Attari due to this link.

Usman Madani attained his early school and Madrasah level education in local institutions in Malawi, did his primary and secondary level schooling in Malawi itself. There was no mindset of perusing Islamic studies until 2009.

Mindset of Islamic Studies

In 2009 a Madani Qafila of Dawateislami visited Malawi, the participants of the Madani Qafila made this young boy’s mind to take up Islamic Studies and become an Islamic Scholar.

Study Background

Thus, this young boy travelled to South Africa and took up studies at Dawateislami’s Jamia tul Madina in Lenasia south, Johannesburg.

He completed his Dars e Nizami, Mufti Course and learnt Fatwa writing under the Guidance of the Grand Mufti of South Africa Mufti Abdun Nabi Hamidi, during this duration Usman Madani also carried out the services of teaching in the very same institute where he studied.

Work in Malawi

In 2018 Usman Madani returned to Malawi in order to serve the beautiful Deen of Islam under the Umbrella of the organization Dawateislami, he faced a lot of challenges, a lot of hurdles, but just in a span of few years he has built around 15 Islamic Centres so far, a magnificent headquarters of Madrasah tul Madina, and 2 upcoming mega projects of Jamia tul Madina (Islamic University).

Teaching career

Usman Madani started teaching since his student life, he teaches Islamic Scholarship course subjects, many of his students are now serving as graduated scholars in various fields today.


Currently, Usman Madani along with teaching and preaching, holds the position of Country level head of Dawateislami in Malawi, and Africa Head of Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF).


He is also very well known for his Dawah work, inter-religious talks and expertise on The Holy Quran. In a short span of 3 years, around 1200 people have accepted Islam.

Welfare Achievements Usman Madani is the Head of FGRF for the whole Africa, since last 3 year hundreds of millions worth of welfare works have been carried out in Malawi. Just lately when Malawi was hit by ANA Cyclone FGRF served in the affected areas and served more than 6,500 families.

Under FGRF a massive plantation campaign was conducted in which 5,000 trees were planted at Lunzu Primary School. In the month of Ramadan Usman Madani travels to various rural areas of Malawi with his team for food distribution & Dawah, and also enjoys to have iftar with the locals in the villages.

Madani Channel

Usman Madani also features on Madani Channel, some of his series on Madani Channel include:

  • -Let’s Listen to a story from the Quran
  • -One lesson one story
  • -The power of the pen of Imam Ahmed Rida
  • -Love of the Beloved
  • -Our Role models
  • -Islamic Luminaries
  • -Love of the beloved
  • -Sunnah of the Holy Prophet

Motivational Speaker

He is also a known motivational speaker, mainly in the English language, he has traveled to South Africa, Pakistan, Mauritius and other places for lectures.

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